Terms and conditions

General conditions of sale (GTC)

Article 1: Offer

The company Mytransfair for an object of transport of persons in its sole capacity, for all that concerns it, via its website www.Mytransfair.fr, a software for booking vehicles with driver for individuals and professionals.

Article 2: Booking

All reservations must be made by the customer or a duly authorized representative. For any reservation, the customer must provide the following information:

Customer Information:
Surname, first name, phone number, email, and residence address.

Travel information:
Date of hour in charge, place of departure and arrival, number of passengers, need for booster seats, number of pieces of luggage, as well as the flight or train number.

Article 3: Cancellation and modification

The client may request the cancellation of the service up to 24 hours before the date and time of taking over and obtain reimbursement of the sums paid.

Concerning the cancellation of the service less than 24 hours before the date and time of the assumption of responsibility, it will be due, as a fixed penalty and fixed price, to an amount of 15 € for the range BERLINE (25 € for the VAN ranges).

Concerning Cancellation of the service less than 2 hours before the date and the time of taking charge, it will be due, title of penalty and fixed price, the minimum amount of a course, an amount of 35 €. BERLINE range (65 € for the VAN range).

We can cancel the transport of the customer in case of force majeure, in the case where the customer can benefit from compensation. It is also possible to cancel the transport if the customer does not show up after an agreed period. In the latter case, the customer will be billed for missing.

Any modification of the journey by the client during the service and the use of program changes may result in surcharges to be paid locally or at the end of the service.

Article 4: Making available

All implementation services must be the subject of a written reservation. It must be done by the customer or by a duly authorized agent. Any reservation necessarily mentioned the place of performance of the service, the name of the passenger and the name of the beneficiary, if it is different from that of the customer.

Any cancellation of future arrangements will be reported 48 hours before the start of the service. Failing that and for any reason whatsoever, it will be due, fixed penalty and fixed, non-deductible at the time of booking.

The service is not valid, it has already been held at the place of appointment, the benefit would be permanently lost. Any expectation, beyond deductible on time, will be billed on the hourly basis mentioned in the tariffs of the reserved vehicle category.

Article 5: Rates

The rates communicated by our booking module are already given as an indication and can be modified according to the period or the desired time to obtain a confirmation of the rates of the customer by going through a request for estimate online via the form of contact CONTACT US.

The transfer rate applies to direct travel without stopping from the point of pick-up to the point of arrival, the service is decisive immediately thereafter. The amount of luggage carried is proportional to the capacity of the vehicle.

The prices indicated are the price of the vehicle, the service with driver, the persons transported, the fuel, the kilometers and the moment of the reservation and / or the lease. the limit of the possibility of the vehicle. The cost of the tolls, the parking, the places of parking or entry in certain places are chosen by the customer and / or rendered indispensable for the execution of the service not envisaged in the trip.

Note that all the photos communicated on our documents and on the site are for illustrative and not contractual.

Article 6: Regulations

For occasional customers, our services are payable on booking (online payment via Stripe) or on board the vehicle by credit card (payment by TPE via SumUp) or by cash.

For customers on account, invoices are payable upon receipt by bank transfer.

Any invoice not paid within 5 days after the billing date of the service.